Single Serve Coffee Individual Packets (10 Count)

Single Serve Coffee Individual Packets (10 Count)

(73 customer reviews)


Single serve coffee bags that can be steeped and enjoyed within minutes for the person always on-the-go. There are 10 individually sealed coffee packets in each box for 10 servings.

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About the Product

  • CONVENIENT: Enjoy single serve coffee in minutes at home, the office, or amidst the great outdoors.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: No plastic pods, no foil, no bulky machines, no unnecessary waste. Fully compostable.
  • QUALITY: Our beans are grounded and sealed to preserve the delicious taste and aroma of fresh coffee.
  • COST-EFFICIENT: Easy and tasty coffee without wasted time, leftover brew in the pot, or extra cost.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Place the coffee bag into a cup, pour hot water over it, steep until desired strength.

CrownCode Coffee Co. is proud to introduce coffee bags that can be steeped and enjoyed within minutes for the person always on-the-go. Our coffee ground bags are sealed and portable providing an easy way to drink coffee without the hassle of using any bulky machines or spending unnecessary money and time standing in line at a coffee shop. This single-serve medium roast coffee system is specially designed to deliver a fresh balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity that coffee lovers can delight in while being sustainably responsible as our packets are fully compostable – making your brew eco-friendly.

Compared to plastic pods and store bought coffee, our self-brew system allows room for strength and flavor customization. This unique brewing process begins with an immediate release of rich brown coffee color; following a few minutes, the coffee reaches light to medium strength. Coffee can be enjoyed as black or enhanced as a velvety cup with your favorite added milks or creamers. For a more intense serving, drinkers have the option of allowing the bag to remain in the container of your choice or even insert a second bag for those days when one cup isn’t enough. Each coffee bag is designed to infuse about 8.5 fluid ounces of hot water. These lightweight packeted coffee bags can be conveniently brought anywhere and take up very little storage room. Enjoy this coffee easily at home, the office or during outdoor activities as it requires minimal materials and preparation. CrownCode Coffee Co. is here to make your single-serve coffee “simply always delicious.”



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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

73 reviews for Single Serve Coffee Individual Packets (10 Count)

  1. Sabrina

    Love the convenience of this product. My coffee machine broke recently and I thought I would give this a shot. Ordering again!

  2. Steve N.

    I like the fact that I can control the strength of my coffee now! What a simple yet awesome way to make coffee

  3. M. Mila

    Quick and easy! Perfect for on the go.

  4. David

    The packets are sleek and the brewing process was faster than my normal steeping process with the press. Only giving it a 4 star cause I wanna see more flavors soon. Thank you

  5. Sara Beibz

    The coffee bags are easy to use and the Colombian flavor is delicious. I’ll definitely be buying more ASAP.

  6. James

    We often go away for long weekends and it is always a struggle finding a coffee shop (hate using rundown coffee machines at hotels or airbnbs). This is a perfect solution for that. You guys got a repeat buyer now.

  7. Kelly Castillo

    More flavors pleassseee! We love it.

  8. Mariella

    I like to include these single serve packets in gift baskets that I make for my friends. They fit perfectly and look classy.

  9. Francine Kim

    I liked the coffee itself but the package came in ripped.

  10. Monica V.

    Thank you for the note in the package! It was a nice touch to what is already an awesome product. I look forward to my morning drives now. Nothing like awesome coffee in traffic haha

  11. Shannon

    I got this coffee product for traveling but now I use it every day! Just so much simpler.

  12. Tiffany C.

    I hate that at work we use plastic pods for coffee machines – such a waste throwing them out! My other coworker let me try CrownCode Coffee and I loved it. Guilt-free and delicious.

  13. G.

    Awesome gift for any coffee lover.

  14. Jack

    I like to add milk to my coffee so the only thing I wish was included was condensed milk packets or something. Just so it is even more convenient for travel.

  15. Allison M.

    I run an airbnb place and want to provide my guests with an awesome stay. I have gotten a few positive comments from guests about these coffee packets. Really adds a nice touch!

  16. Anita

    Delicious! Glad I found your product on facebook

  17. Irina Krichevski

    I’ve always resorted to using instant coffee on days when I don’t have time but this tastes so much better. Plus hate that instant coffee is bad for you. I will buy again!

  18. Joshi Josh

    Tastes great and easy to make – adding any other flavors soon?

  19. Mary

    Haha your note in the package made me laugh. Thank you!

  20. Nick

    One of the packets ripped when i opened it. Idk if something i did wrong, but otherwise great

  21. Happy Customer

    I LOVE IT! Thank you S+D

  22. Bobby


  23. WIll

    My company switched to remote work and I wanted to try something new. I’m hooked now (and also never want to go back to the office). Alexa wakes me up with some relaxing music and the first thing I do is go boil water and make this coffee.

  24. Coffee Lover

    Found you guys through FB! I usually have two cups of coffee a day. It is nice that I can control the strength of my coffee. I leave the bag in longer in the mornings (like 5 mins) and shorter in the afternoons when I don’t want my coffee as strong.

  25. Linda B.

    Since all coffee shops are closed, this single serve coffee is my new best friend haha

  26. RT

    I wish it was more packets per each box but for now just ordering multiple boxes

  27. Karen

    I have been looking for a tea bag kind of coffee since I use instant coffee and this is perfect

  28. Ice Ice Baby

    I tried making iced coffee and it worked really nicely too. Thanks CrownCode

  29. Ilya

    I hate getting up in the morning but I do look forward to this delicious cup of coffee now. Do yourself a favor and try it.

  30. New Loyal Customer


  31. Komal

    I am a big tea drinker but love me some coffee once in a while. This was perfect for me. Definitely drinking a lot more coffee now.

  32. Jack K.

    I’m a freelancer and miss my coffee shop drinks in the morning, but this CrownCode coffee has become my new routine. I like the packaging as well, although since I use it on a daily I don’t necessarily need each coffee bag to be individually packaged.

  33. Ellen

    I first tried this product on Amazon and when it went out of stock I ordered directly here. It arrived pretty quickly. I haven’t used my coffee machine with pods in a while. Try it!

  34. Joseph

    Tastes great and easy to make!

  35. Noah

    Awesome! Thank you.

  36. GG

    Coffee is great but the box was ripped.

  37. Dena

    I am a big fan of pour over coffee but this is a lot more convenient. I recommend for anyone

  38. Anna

    I sent this as part of a care package a few times and my friends really liked it.

  39. Ronald Mendoza

    This is a great product. Love the fact that you don’t use plastic in these eco-friendly tea bags. Not a huge coffee drinker, but on occasion, I like a little caffeine to get me through the day. Great product and if you like new innovative products give this one a try!

  40. Jeff M

    I cannot start my without a cup of coffee because I am not a morning person. I heard positive reviews from a friend who tried this brand and figured it was inexpensive enough to give it a try after the recommendation. I am very happy i did! The coffee was delicious. I am particularly impressed by the aroma. There is something about the smell of coffee that I am quite picky with and I loved the aroma! The coffee is simple and straight forward to make as I don’t have a lot of time in the morning before I need to get to work. Another thing that was impressive was the packaging which as other reviewers pointed out, actually does look pretty cool. I still hate getting up in the morning but I do look forward to this delicious cup of coffee everyday.

  41. James

    Great tasting coffee and super convenient for someone on the go!

  42. Irina T.

    Amazing for travel and cheaper than pour over drip coffees that I used to buy.

  43. April

    Thank you for your coffee!

  44. Sabina

    I had one of the bags rip when I opened the packet.

  45. Addison

    Idk why this product is not in every supermarket yet haha. Its so convenient.

  46. Harper

    I go camping a lot and used to use pour overs but this is a lot more convenient. Plus, the coffee bag itself after use is like a fertilizer

  47. LV

    Thought I would give this a try and happy I did.

  48. Olga

    100% arabica colombian coffee done easy

  49. Richie L.

    Can’t wait for more flavors

  50. Amy

    At first I tried this coffee and it wasn’t that strong but when I made another cup next day I left the bag in longer and it was great. Now I see what some people meant by being able to control strength of it.

  51. Esmeralda Y.

    I used to drink a lot of instance coffee because it is quick and easy to make. I read that instant coffee wasn’t that great for you so wanted to find an alternative. I saw this product as recommended on Amazon and bought to try. Now I am a repeat buyer. I really like it but giving a 4 star because I wish they had a subscription model.

  52. Reggie

    So I tried this coffee yesterday! It has a very nice flavor, smooth taste & good aroma. And definitely cheaper than me buying at starbucks every day. Thank you

  53. Nisha

    I love this product because each coffee bag is packaged individually so it is perfect for someone always on the go. I am an essential worker and still going into work. I like that I don’t have to use an open coffee maker that everyone still uses and just throw my own individual bag into a cup with hot water. I’ll be back for more CrownCode Coffee!

  54. Michelle

    THANK YOUUU! #lovemymorningcoffee haha

  55. Sam

    More flavors please!?

  56. Maggie

    I love the fact that it was in a single serving because I hate wasting a pot of coffee!

  57. Drew

    Great taste, great price, great packaging!

  58. Alex

    Love me some CrownCode Coffee!

  59. Daisha

    This has become part of my morning routine. Catching up on the news, having a muffin and CrownCode coffee!

  60. New Loyal Customer!

    Thank you for your coffee and a cute note!

  61. Jason

    I always wondered why coffee didn’t come in little bags like tea, and now its here. So easy and I dont have to worry about all that plastic from using the Keurigs!

  62. Soo Hye

    This is a quality product. You can serve yourself delicious coffee in minutes anywhere – no need for a coffee machine or going out to the shops. Rich and delicious taste, so convenient, environment-friendly, AND you can decide how strong you want your coffee too! Do yourself a flavory favor and get your day goin’ with this one.

  63. Jennifer

    I appreciate how simple and easy this was to brew! Thank you

  64. Jazmyne

    Colombian coffee is my favorite and this brew-able coffee was perfect for what I was seeking. I encourage anyone who is a coffee drinker to try it.

  65. Piper

    I really like CrownCode coffee and I am super excited to bring these packets for whenever I fly. I hope that happens soon again… sigh.

  66. Ed A.

    I love coffee but I like it medium strength. This was perfect because I can make my cup as strong or as light as I want. I add a bit of milk as well and it tastes great. I’ve tried a couple of other similar products but this is definitely my favorite. Thanks guys.

  67. Pancho

    Makes a great cup of brewed coffee with no plastic waste. Love it.

  68. Allie B

    I like trying new coffee products and gotta say that this is one of my new favs. It tastes great and is convenient. I recommend to anyone who likes a good cup of joe.

  69. Mitchell

    I use these for my airbnb as well and customers love it.

  70. K L

    Especially with COVID these have been perfect. You guys got a loyal customer.

  71. Mary

    My friend told me about your product and now I am hooked. Colombian is awesome.

  72. Christian

    I keep coming back!

  73. Jose

    I love the ease of use and taste. Originally I bought it for camping but now I use it on a daily. Appreciate you.

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