Single Serve Coffee Gift Box (Holiday Edition)

Single Serve Coffee Gift Box (Holiday Edition)

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Flavors (Colombian, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon and Nutmeg) of single serve coffee bags that can be steeped and enjoyed within minutes. There are 6 bags of each flavor for a total of 24 coffee bags in the 4-Pack box or 18 coffee bags in the 3-Pack box.

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About the Product

  • CONVENIENT: Enjoy single serve coffee in minutes at home, the office, or amidst the great outdoors.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: No plastic pods, no foil, no bulky machines, no unnecessary waste. Fully compostable.
  • QUALITY: Our beans are grounded and sealed to preserve the delicious taste and aroma of fresh coffee.
  • COST-EFFICIENT: Easy and tasty coffee without wasted time, leftover brew in the pot, or extra cost.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Place the coffee bag into a cup, pour hot water over it, steep until desired strength.

CrownCode Coffee Co. is proud to introduce coffee bags that can be steeped and enjoyed within minutes for the person always on-the-go. Our coffee ground bags are sealed and portable providing an easy way to drink coffee without the hassle of using any bulky machines or spending unnecessary money and time standing in line at a coffee shop. This single-serve medium roast coffee system is specially designed to deliver a fresh balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity that coffee lovers can delight in while being sustainably responsible as our packets are fully compostable – making your brew eco-friendly.

Compared to plastic pods and store bought coffee, our self-brew system allows room for strength and flavor customization. This unique brewing process begins with an immediate release of rich brown coffee color; following a few minutes, the coffee reaches light to medium strength. Coffee can be enjoyed as black or enhanced as a velvety cup with your favorite added milks or creamers. For a more intense serving, drinkers have the option of allowing the bag to remain in the container of your choice or even insert a second bag for those days when one cup isn’t enough. Each coffee bag is designed to infuse about 8.5 fluid ounces of hot water. These lightweight packeted coffee bags can be conveniently brought anywhere and take up very little storage room. Enjoy this coffee easily at home, the office or during outdoor activities as it requires minimal materials and preparation. CrownCode Coffee Co. is here to make your single-serve coffee “simply always delicious.”



Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 3 in
Number of Flavors

4 Flavors, 3 Flavors

13 reviews for Single Serve Coffee Gift Box (Holiday Edition)

  1. Susan C.

    I first tried the 10 packet box earlier this year and have been a fan since. So I was very excited to see a holiday flavor gift box added. I got one for myself and it was great! I liked all flavors and have given this gift to family and friends. Highly recommend!

  2. Linda

    Love all the flavors! And what a great gift! Glad I gave this a try.

  3. Robert A.

    My girlfriend and I loved this coffee gift box. We took a bag for a weekend glamping trip as well and it was perfect: 1 cup of coffee for 3 mornings each.

  4. Mitch F.

    Convenience of instant coffee but quality of specialty gourmet coffee!!! Grounded pouches were great. Definitely buying again.

  5. Tosha

    I tried the other box before and thought I would give this as gift to my boss. She really liked it – packaging is classy and speaks to the quality of the coffee as well. Thank you!

  6. M.M

    All 4 flavors were great but I especially liked Chocolate Mint – it was so good with a marshmallow I got from Trader Joes. Ordering another box now.

  7. Ashley

    What a great product – giving 4 stars cause I want to see more flavors now! I just ordered another box.

  8. Cecilia Gi

    Found the 10 pack on Amazon and came here for other flavors – happy I did! Thank you S+D!

  9. Lexi

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! what an awesome gift!

  10. Jeremy

    I have had pour over coffees before on my camping trips but this is so much better! Great quality and great price guys

  11. P.R.

    Gave these as a birthday gift (to myself). Love them!

  12. Juan

    Thank you!

  13. Frances A.

    Happy to support you guys – great product! Thanks

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