CrownCode Coffee Co. is proud to introduce single serve coffee that can be steeped to your satisfaction and enjoyed within minutes for the person always on-the-go. Our packets are travel-friendly providing an easy way to make and drink coffee without the hassle of using bulky machines, excess electricity, and spending unnecessary time standing in line at a coffee shop. This single-serve coffee system is specially designed to deliver a fresh balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity that coffee lovers can delight in while being sustainably responsible as our packets are fully compostable – making your brew eco-friendly. 

Compared to plastic pods and store-bought coffee, our self-brew system allows room for strength and flavor customization. This unique brewing process is designed to release an immediate rich, brown coffee color into an ideal 8.5 fluid ounce serving; following a few minutes, the coffee reaches light to medium strength. Coffee can be enjoyed as black or enhanced as a velvety cup with your favorite added milks or creamers. For a more intense serving, drinkers have the option of allowing the bag to remain in the container of your choice or even insert a second bag for those days when one cup isn’t enough.

These lightweight packaged coffee bags can be conveniently brought anywhere and take up very little storage room. Enjoy this coffee easily at home, the office or during outdoor activities as it requires minimal materials and preparation. CrownCode Coffee Co. is here to make your single-serve coffee “simply always delicious.”